Pink lemonade cupcakes

I wanted an excuse to use my neon food colouring again, and this time, I wanted to swirl it. I decided on pink lemonade cupcakes. Perfect, apart from the fact you can’t get frozen pink lemonade concentrate in this country. So, I had to make my own!

I searched through a lot of recipes online before I found this one. It uses egg whites, so it’s really light and fluffy.

Then, I mixed up six colours of lemonade flavour frosting, and swirled them onto the cakes. Topping each one with a glittery cherry. Yum!



I was asked to make dessert for Easter dinner, so obviously, I picked one of the most complicated things that I could find. Heston Blumenthal’s tiramisu.

The “soil” is made from crystallised dark chocolate, caramelised white chocolate, and caramelised grape nuts all mixed together. I had to melt chocolate, flatten it out, freeze it, and cut circles out of it. Then make the tiramisu. It took hours, and cost huge amounts of money. But it was so tasty, so that makes it worth it.

Plus, it looks pretty cool.

Recipe can be found here

Mini Creme Egg cupcakes


Easter time made me think of Creme Eggs. I’d seen a few recipes with Creme Eggs baked into cupcakes, but the cake recipes didn’t look that great. I decided to make my favourite ultimate chocolate cupcakes and pop a mini Creme Egg into the batter in each cake.

Then I found a recipe to make Creme Egg fondant, and piped it with some cream cheese frosting to make some swirls.

As if that wasn’t enough, I topped each one with half a Creme Egg, and some edible glitter. These were possibly the most sugary things I have ever eaten. They tasted amazing though!

Creme Egg inside cake


Compost cookies

I read about these bad boys in a book, and knew that I just had to make them. They are called compost cookies, cos you throw in everything but the kitchen sink. They are a delicious mix of sweet and salty, too salty for some people apparently.

Mine have butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, oats, digestive crumbs, coffee grounds, pretzels, and crisps. Yep, you read that correctly, pretzels and crisps. They give the cookies a wee salty kick, and a bit of crunch too. They are highly addictive, but I think they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can find the recipe here.

Giant pink cupcake

I decided to make a giant sparkly cupcake for my friends at itison, as they have one in their advert. The cake was amazing, made like a meringue with egg whites whipped with sugar. It was so light and fluffy. I covered it in pink icing, and lots of glitter.

It looked pretty awesome. Then I put it into a tub, and put it into the car to take into town. As soon as I went round the first corner, it toppled over and went icing first into the side of the box. By the time I got into the office, I was covered in icing and glitter, and the cake was a squashed mess. Luckily, Jenny was on hand with a knife and did a great rescue job by spreading the icing back over it. I went home covered in icing, and kept finding bits of glitter all over myself.

Apparently, it got demolished fairly quickly.

Neon cupcakes and pushpops

Fun with food colouring. In this case, Duff’s neon colours. I wanted to back something to take to Birmingham, and remembered that I had bought cupcake pushpop holders. Whipped up a batch of Magnolia’s vanilla cupcakes and split it into four bowls, I then added a different neon colouring into each.

I made a dozen cupcakes, and a load of mini ones.

Once they were cooled, I made a batch of vanilla frosting, and again split it into four bowls with different colours in each.

Then the fun part! I put a wee bit of icing at the bottom of the pushpop holder, put a mini cupcake in, then piped in a bit of icing. I kept going until I reached the top, and then sprinkled them with loads of glitter. I had some cakes left over, so iced them too. They look a bit radioactive, but they were very tasty!


Pretty cakes!

Ultimate chocoalte cupcakes filled with chocolate and raspberry ganache, topped with raspberry buttercream. I used different bits from a few recipes and came up with these. They were for the Cake Hop, it’s my friend’s night with cakes and dancing. All the cakes go onto a table and people take what they like. Mine were all snapped up within the first two minutes. Man were they good, I want to make them again soon!